The Team

Kyle Lefave Owner/Supervisor Instructor

Kyle is the owner and operator of Stormont First Aid. He has been teaching first aid since 2006. Was  a Medical Responder with St. John Ambulance for  8 years. Has been a member of the South Stormont Fire Rescue Service since 2007. He has an extended history of treating the ill or injuired. He is able to mold and modify courses to suit different businesses needs. 


About Us

Event Medical Coverage

At Stormont First Aid, we provide Medical Responders for all kinds of community events

First Aid and CPR Courses

We provide Ministry of Labour and WSIB approved first aid courses. We are a proud training partner with the Canadian Red Cross to provide their program

Kit and AED Inspection and Restocking

We restock and inspect company first aid kits and PAD AED's. All inspections are compliant with WSIB and Regulation 1101.